Why Use a Rotating Telehandler?

Why Use a Rotating Telehandler?

Why Use a Rotating Telehandler?

Rotating or rotary telehandlers (ROTO) are a specialist piece of equipment which are considered a ‘must-have’ machine on most modern construction sites. But why is this? What benefits does this machine have over others, and why should you ensure you have one on hire? Here are a number of reasons why a rotational telehandler might be of use to you on-site.


These machines are incredibly versatile, and are capable of performing a number of tasks. The roles of telehandler, crane and access platform unit are all rolled into a single machine. There is no need for specialist tools for the purpose of hydraulic attachment coupling either, meaning that switching between functions is quick and reliable. With a number of essential functions in one machine through a single operator, rotating telehandlers can be efficient in saving you money, time and space on-site.


Manitou’s rotating telehandlers have intuitive and ergonomic dual joystick controls which offer precision and comfort for the operator, meaning productivity is increased. The controls allow for a very high standard of accuracy at any height or angle as well.


The Manitou rotating telehandlers in our fleet are capable of providing lift heights of up to 25m, reaching places that other machines would not. This includes a tight turning circle with exceptional manoeuvrability, meaning locations and terrains that might not be suitable for cranes can be tackled using this type of machine.


Designed with safety at the forefront, the Manitou rotating telehandlers feature adjustable outriggers for total stability and an efficient distribution of load. They are built to handle a variety of terrains and tighter spaces as well, with all-around visibility to ensure the safety of the operator and other personnel on-site. The attachment recognition system E-reco lets you save time by specifying the proper work envelope and enhances security since it automatically detects any overload.

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