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Manufacturer: JCB
Model: JS220

The JCB JS220 have excellent front visibility, with a 70/30 front screen split and a clear view of the front right track for easy, safe trench digging and manoeuvring.An easy-to-read 7” colour multi-function display provides instant operational information, and has customisable home screens. JCB JS220 cabs use 6 viscous rubber mounts to minimise noise and vibration. Reduced noise inside and 99dB(A) outside; because the JS220 creates a quieter working environment inside and out, you can use the machine at any location, any time. Fitted with hammer pipe work, steel tracks, a fully enclosed heated cab, hand rails around ballast block, Cab guards, flashing beacon, fully automatic double locking quick hitch with certificated lifting point and check valves. We have a range of buckets available for various applications.